sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

3 reasons for which student psychology is important

Although many ignore it, psychology plays an important role in the student world and in education in general. Things like body language, stress or nerves can affect you in a negative way or in an equally positive way. In this post I will give 5 reasons for which the psychology of being a student is important, and how it can affect you positive or negatively.

1. Tests

A big and important part in the life of a student in which psychology is also very important. As I see it, psychology is essential in the process of studying for a big test; the nerves and stress it involves, the preparation and the ability to control this stress and being able to overcome it. It is good to fear something, as it gives you the precaution it needs, but not too much because it can make you stop thinking with brightness.

2. Body language

In school, it is very important to have a polite and friendly approach to towards teachers, and for this, body language is of great importance. For example, if a student dislikes a teacher, body language is a key factor that can help you hide it so that this negative feeling towards the teacher does not affect you in a negative way. On the other hand, body language is also essential to hide the nervous feelings we all experience during oral presentations or public speaking, and can help you give the impression that you are very sure of yourself

3. Romantic life

Although part of the student life happens inside the walls of school/university, psychology also influences in our lives outside of school. For instance, dating someone. It is obvious that psychology plays an important role in the romantic life of a student and can help or damage relationships in this particular domain. 

In my opinion, it is very interesting to study and investigate the psychology of being a student because it involves a lot of psychological problems and pressure, partly because part of the student life occurs in a very delicate era in people's lives, adolescence.